Jaguar Body - Bonnet / hood

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All new, high quality fiberglass XJS bonnet/hood.

                      V12 Sales and Service have developed a V12 XJS fiberglass hood which in basic form is ideal for those clients who wish to race their XJS and as such the hood/bonnet is extremely light, having no structural stiffening, and in fact weighs in at 20 lbs (9 kilos) versus the standard hood/bonnet at 62 lbs (28 kilos).  The hood is extremely stiff at the edges.
This weight reduction at the front end obviously helps to balance the car better.
Base price - $545.00.

Optional items.

Hood pin kits.  These are high quality, 9/16 (14 mm) diameter pins complete with lock rings and a urethane grommet to isolate the pin from the hood and stainless hex button head screws and nylox nuts. In custom colors white, yellow, blue, red, orange and black.  We would recommend for an un-strengthened  fiberglass XJS hood the use of 3 assemblies down each side; one in the front and rear middle making a total of 8. 
Price each - $16.50.

Air vent louvers.  We have taken the XKR Jaguar louver and set it into the mold, creating a lip so that the standard XKR louver can sit flush with the top surface.  This most definitely helps with the cooling of a high performance engine.  Apart from anything else it looks fantastic.
Jaguar's price is $297.00 each.  V12's price $242.00 each.

For road/race applications where the hood pins would still be used but here we apply some strengthening beams fiberglassed into the underneath of the hood/bonnet to eliminate any movement.  Weight of hood 30 lbs approximately (14 kilos). 
Price - $890.00.

Road application.  In this case the fiberglass hood/bonnet mounts to the original hinge positions and is provided with the mounting locations for the gas struts and the standard Jaguar lockdown arrangement and therefore for all intents and purposes when viewed from outside is a standard hood which this will have structural members very similar to the original ones fiberglassed into the underneath surface.  Weight approximately 36 pounds (18 kilos). 
Price - $1,320.00.


All prices ex-Houston USA include orange box crating for shipment.

 Delivery stock 4 weeks.  Confirmed at time of order.